Just A Minute In September


Watching... W (the K-Drama equivalent of 1Q84? if you can only pick one K-drama to watch this year, this is it) and some movies: Nine Lives, One Day (the new Thai film, not the Anne Hathaway one) and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Listening... to alt rock (in different languages including Thai!!!). it's like I went a full cycle of my fave music genre and I'm back to my first fave. <3

Playing... Lighthouse (5 stars for this! alas, it's still under development) and Shikaku.

Reading... How Are Things by Roger-Pol Droit and 《发现大马》 by 左眼.

Trying... to reduce waste. take one day and just observe how many waste, especially from packaging, you make.

Learning... to take baby steps.

Feeling... long piak* and my patience waning... 

*it means hitting the wall in Hokkien, literally


wanted to try some line design but didn't have time and idea so it ended up looking like some award poster LOL.


> Alex Currie and Nirrimi makes me wanna go touring with a band
> How to fix a bad first impression
> this set of floating chopsticks
> Tokyo night looking like video games scene by Liam Wong