Just A Minute In September

this month was so weird. the first half and second half of the month are so contrasting. first half doing nothing except facing damn reference books and the second half doing everything except facing those books.

Reading… The Hunger Games trilogy. already planned to reread before I watch Catching Fire but it’s on screens during damn SPM so I had to do it now.

Making… lots of plans with books. gonna read Harry Potter after SPM ’cause believe it or not, I’ve never read any one of them before.

Complaining… about my shuffle playlist a lot haha. I have around 600 songs and it decides to play the same stale songs every day aih. sometimes I even went like “oh I’ve actually downloaded this song hah why hadn’t I hear it before?”

Planking… It all started from “hey this book is so boring why not plank for 1 minute?” to “hey let’s see how long I can keep this “plank every day” thing up.”

Cleaning… my stuffs, both in the real world and virtual world.

Reminiscing… good ol’ time whoah so emotional out of a sudden hahaha.

that’s all I think. A quarter more to new year, fast huh?