Just A Minute In October

clearly I haven't gotten over neon and pink. haha. also a revamp to an old concept I did back in 2015. a Roman X and a Chinese 十.

paying... attention to 1. character development. I guess that's what makes Western and Asian dramas so different, 2... there's supposed to be a 2. but I forgot what's that ermygerd brain ded. :X

loving... all the autumn colours bursting in my Instagram and Twitter feed. sad sial it's not gonna burst in my tropical life. (I love tropical though!)

listening... to Blade Runner's soundtrack and Mayday! I'm back to using Spotify, let's be friends? (on a random, side note, I finally figured out why Spotify and I didn't work out in the past, it didn't allow me to select songs!!!)

thinking... of my childhood. yes, the 90s fashion trend is back but you can never bring back the 90s completely. the tiny details like the handrails that are coated with layers of paint, the rounded edges of buildings, ugly linoleum floors, and the leftovers from the 70s and 80s...

I guess that's all for October. life's pretty much the same - there's the things that I want to jump start and then there's the things that I dread to do. the bittersweet dreams still visit and day passes oh so fast. I'm currently doing my FYP (sounds scary but it's pretty chill so far compared to the normal FYP you're thinking). I'm also digging through old photos lately. times are normally spent cuddling with the baby at home, otherwise, alone, watching films.



who is Georgio Peviani?

calming blue-and-yellow illustrations by Ivo van de Grift
popular artworks melting at the "Hot Exhibition"

this video brings back memories (for me, at least): A Day in the Life of a Production Assistant