Just A Minute In October


Loving... yellow colour (why not? they are so cute!)

Playing... 0h h1 (you can play it here). it's one of those games that you thought you're gonna delete it the next day but you keep wanting one more round.

Trying... to look at the bright side again (wait, I think I've said this before...)

Learning... to take things slowly.

Listening... to a lot of songs! from my old favourites, to old songs to new ones. here's some:  笑忘书 by 李荣浩 & 夜夜夜夜 by 齐秦. currently at the post-rock genre. any good post-rock songs or bands to recommend me? :3

Watching... very few movies - Almost Famous Director's Cut and Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (this is not bad)



> I'm on Pinterest
> Malaysian teacher gives class a mystery case to solve
> try Keegan - the AI to coach you in photography
> watch latest trailer for movie about Van Gogh - Loving Vincent
> True Friendship Never Leaves
> Urban Rigger - shipping containers stacked into floating student housing
> this Levitating Cloud Bluetooth Speaker