Just A Minute In October

Learning... about sacrifices again... which makes me appreciate people more *you might think that I'm a bipolar if you follow me on Twitter)

Trying... to be organized.

Loving... 1. grey (always a colour between black and white but this time I'm loving grey for itself), 2. loafers (surprisingly hmm), 3. watercolour artwork, 4. acrylic texture and 5. waltzes.

Listening... to Michael Giacchino's soundtrack ( I can cry over and over while playing Inside Out's), male band (wanted to listen to some new music for a change but I was stuck at Kodaline, Walk The Moon, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Maroon 5 and Arctic Monkeys whenever I launch YouTube).

Feeling... energetic in the beginning but then two weeks long of assignment tsunami/Hell Week drained them off. so exhausted now... and I'm still not done with my work. orz