Just A Minute In October

all four weeks of this month is so different from each other hmmfff I don;t really know how to write this. and I'm lagging behind esp my 52 project grah.


Wanting... to watch The Breakfast Club, 500 Days of Summer and Lanling Wang (not sure 'bout this tho, I don't really watch this type of drama but I heard it's nice.)

Listening... to very old songs from like 10 years ago(?) like Coldplay's Yellow. I know I'm damn late but like Haox said "好歌不嫌老." :P

Saving... up for booooooooks (I reckon I'll be going to BBW twice heh) and clothes. but oh sobs my cha-ching never seems to grow. :(

Learning... to get use of my nifty fifty! it's still very hard for me I can't focus correctly hmm.

Watching... Kokuhaku, A Wedding Invitation, The Stolen Years, Rise of the Guardians and My Lucky Star.


grah I think that's all my brain is all messed up. :(