Just A Minute In November

Just A Minute In November 2017 Neon Graphics | A Beautiful Distraction

I actually did play around with AE this time but, BUT it's so ugly I'm too embarrassed to share the work, hahaha. so here, again, not creative at all, another neon sign. 

learning | to give chance. it's easy to just kill people off (in my head, but I sometimes really do hope that killing people is not illegal) when idiots... idiots are everywhere.

thinking | about the decisions made that are right. a lot of times, you find yourself ruminating the wrong decisions. even though they don't necessarily lead you to the wrong path, they definitely lead you to the longer path. but when was the last time you thought of something you did some time ago and feel thankful that you make the right choice?

playing | Horizon Zero Dawn. not really playing, 'cause my hand-eye coordination is a joke, but pardon me please, I grew up spending close to zero hours of video games. :P

feeling | like I'm on a roller coaster. one day life is good, then the next day I'm not sure whether I wanna stab myself or stab people. 

listening | to movie soundtracks. anything from Michael Giacchino is always good. but I'm looking for more, both movies and music. recommendations?



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