Just A Minute In May

I've been seeing blobs around the internet these days so I'm trying to make my own blobs. :P

watching | Mindhunter (it's a series heavy with dialogues and if you love criminal psychology you'll be interested in this) and 13 Reasons Why S2

meeting | people I adore because... summer holidays! and before I leave to the States. it was nice seeing y'all. 

loving | the curve that squirrels make when they move. and boy, there are a lot of squirrels here!

it's a packed May as I prepared and left for a new adventure in the States for four months! so this post is more of a paragraph than a list.

I finished shooting a new personal project (coming this July, stay tuned!) and left my job as a photography assistant. then it was packing, packing and packing and meeting up with friends. I didn't get to meet a lot of you though, but hang on, I'll be right back! by the last week, I was already settling down in my new place and now I'm just (VERY) patiently waiting to make that American dough.

I don't know how much time I'll be able to write here in these few months, what with working + finishing and kickstarting (!) a handful of projects + planning for my travels here so, latest update will be on my Instagram.