Just A Minute In May

hi. I'm busy lately with assignments, test, competition, interview, wedding, etc., etc. lately which explains the hiatus. is it assignment tsunami? yes? no? I'm not sure. I don't know because it seems that there're still a lot of things coming from uni in the next few weeks. I can't wait for a real break to refill my energy doing the things I like~

Feeling... excited for my mid-term break. most of the time I'm catching up with assignments but at least, a desperately-needed rest. (< I wrote this before 22 May) (update on 22 May, last day of my break: I realize that this is neither a mid-term break or a get-your-shit-together break, it's a try-to-get-your-shit-together-but-still-fail break)

Having... lots of !!!-stuff and ugh-stuff happening one after another. imagine the roller coaster ride.

Listening... to Madness (or Matt-ness, haha, get it? #RuoLingTriesToPun) and 陈绮贞's (Cheer Chen) songs.

Getting... used to my 20-year old brain. if you don't know what I mean, see here.

Reading... Rene Margritte by Marcel Paquet.

Trying... to go back to my darker photography style. consuming too much of Instagram, blogs and other media, le sigh.


Jane's got a voice
> I don't watch TV but Samsung Serif makes me want to buy it and carry around
> Not just for college senior, but friends I meet in university
> how many rock band can you guess from these icons?
> loving what Brandon Stanton is doing with Humans of New York, read the latest stories on pediatric cancer.