Just A Minute In March

this month… loving noir (maybe cz I talked to Wilson recently and watched his school work 👍🏼) and getting interested in Rembrandt. that said, I’m studying chiaroscuro. other than that, I’ve been

growing… up. finally not just growing old.

wanting… to film myself sleeping? I know people say it’s silly when they heard about people who’ve done that before but… don’t you wonder what your body is up to when you’re sleeping? like hypnic jerks?

listening… to Justin Hurwitz and Primary. I just learnt that the soundtracks of First Man was done using this fascinating (electronic) instrument that one plays without touching it.

watching… Sex Education and The Umbrella Academy. I can’t wait for the second season of Sex Education!

realising… that a lot of issues are actually… very complicated and not as simple as our secondary school essay want it to be.

hating… the media. well, just another thing for me to hate about the world. reality is made up of lies, or at least, manipulations and exaggerations. wake up, people.

wanting… to learn chess. (wait… I haven’t even gotten down to studying war tactics and economics yet…)

grasping… the fact that there are so, so many people in the KLPJ area. (hello, traffic congestion~)

I just launched a new project this month, if you haven’t seen it, teleport through here~