Just A Minute In March

couldn't really execute my idea which was inspired by... the tiles in the lobby of my office building. I find them pretty pointless, but oh they inspired me, so I guess there's some function there? anyway, at least this is close to what I'd imagined. you know, I'm still playing around with perspectives. so yeah, this 3, when you turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise, it becomes an M! so. amuse. by. my. creativity. XD

Having... hallucinations? maybe my imagination is running a little wild. but sometimes I feel like I've seen stuffs that I clearly did not... sounds like I'm high on drugs. XD no, wait, I mean things like feeling like I've actually sat on one of the balconies looking at the canals in Venice, or feeling and smelling the heat in Utah, or feeling dazzled by the neon lights in Tokyo... one time I thought I was looking at a GIF when after I blinked it's a still all along, and car lamps that winked at me. oh... no... *inserts Munch's The Scream*

Thinking... about pop culture. music, films, arts... how they're such a big part of our lives. also, social media and privacy...

Looking... for a breakthrough.

Discovering... new music and artists. here's some I like: Bo En (particularly Miss You), In Love With A Ghost (thanks Vanessa! you're welcomed cash me outsah ;)), Burning Peacock's Oddysea, VARSITY's So Sad, So Sad, Alextbh's alive.

Watching... Her (makes you think a lot), Requiem for a Dream (thumbs up), After Earth (sucks), Coraline (not that disturbing, really), Logan (what can I say, it's just my third superhero film, but all that gore, hmm~).

Trying... to make music and I'm stuck at the fourth bar. until I figure out how to work Ableton horizontally instead of vertically like I'm doing now, I'm focusing on other stuffs first. but yeah, stay tuned... not so soon though. XD

Loving... Dutch angle.

Feeling... intellectually frustrated? if there's even such a thing. in need of a deep talk. besides that I'm feeling so sleepy all the time... my sleep debt may have explained point #1. haha.