Just A Minute In March

wowwow, March passed by fast, it’s April in the blink of an eye. so much happen. ketchup with friends back from NS, then results, birthday and camp! woopeedo! I know Im late but I still wanna write haha.


Reading… 1Q84, Kokuhaku, Looking for Alaska and Inside Steve’e Brain.

Listening… to Cheer Chen, Joe Brooks, Ohashi Trio, Deserts Xuan. the music phase changed every three days, literally. I would be listening to the same song for three days, and spent the next three days finding new songs, another three days listening to the same song again and repeat.

Watching… Need for Speed, Three Days to Kill, Lie to Me and Bones.

Loving… basic-tee-and-simple-bottoms match and all the good times spent during camp. :)

Spending… lots of time with my fave people.


rrrr I think that’s all. see when you’re busy time passes so fast. haha. anyway, Im starting school tmrw. I think it’s a bit shocking for most people. no?