Just A Minute In June

working at a water park, I see a lot of skins every day. I always joke to myself that, here, it's easier to spot someone with a tattoo than one without. a few of them have pretty totem / dreamcatcher tattoo, which makes me miss building one in Illustrator. so here's one after six months! inspired by the scorching hot sun and the moon hanging in the cloudless night here.

watching | a couple movies at the cinema here. I really wanna take advantage of being out of the country to watch something that Malaysia doesn't have, but so far, only Hollywood movies have attracted me and god, the bus ride is long. anyway, Incredibles 2 is well worth the 14-year wait.

feeling | fascinating especially whenever I pass by the shared kitchen, with so many nationalities cooking all sorts of food and speaking all sorts of languages. also, meanings getting lost in translation happen so often here I can't really wrap my head around the fact that so many of them get sucked into a void.

reading | Old Man and The Sea because I got bored waiting for the bus so I got it from Barnes and Noble. it's one of those books I had trouble finding in Malaysia. speaking of which, that is why I've always wanted to live out of the country - the limitations of books and movies and CDs. butt then again, if I grew up here, I wouldn't appreciate them that much.

I'm pretty busy making dough and new friends here *smirks* so hopefully I'll be able to update on time the next month.