Just A Minute In June


J for June? go ahead and place a mirror along the line to see what I'm trying to do. another play on figure...


hmm, what a month. mostly spent sleeping a lot (but never enough), feeling drained while submitting one after another assignment (this never-ending thing...)

since I don't have any side jobs currently, it's the perfect period to avoid all responsibilities, you know, go big or go home. so home it is, I even ditched my beloved to-do list. to properly enjoy it, I haven't been doing much; haven't been taking photos, haven't been fooling around in Adobe, haven't been swimming much, haven't been backing up my files, haven't been exploring much and if you realize, heck, I haven't been writing here as well... all-in-all, haven't been keeping my shit together.

in retrospect, I'm glad that I am slacking so much now compared to this time last year. friends are busy to earn more money, get better opportunities, know more people, make their resumes prettier while I'm here... doing nothing. part of me feel guilty too, but what the hell, since I got nothing to do, I might as well take a break and reflect on my life and rearrange my priorities. although I must say, I need to work better on the reflection part because right now, I haven't gotten to the part of setting a goal. :P I can feel twenty-year-old me side-eyeing the current me.

I am, however, spending this opportunity well by catching up with friends. speaking of which, at this point, I'm so, so exhausted with the fact that the're all scattered around the world in different time zones and everyone is growing up and having our own shit to deal with so maintaining friendship takes tremendous effort. from both sides. (I'm looking at you, sinking friendship.)

anyway, end of rant. back to the point:

feeling | 1. bipolar? one moment life is good and the next moment I feel like killing (you pray I mean it figuratively) and 2. sleepy all the time. it's like a year's worth of sleep debt just crashed upon me. also, that's how to not feel bipolar.

watching | loads of movies! to name a few: Dead Poets Society, Gone Baby Gone, The Matrix (uh, like finally), The Best Offer.

learning | 1. to code. you can try it out here! and 2. to cook! I'm taking tiny, baby steps so edible and presentable is enough.

reading | Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan and One Day by David Nicholls.





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