Just A Minute In June

Dreaming... of a set of indoor swing in my future home, a road trip for two in a caravan and camping. Ruo Ling actually dreams of camping!

Looking... back at old photographs (and tearing while laughing my ass off at how ugly we were*)

Watching... some old movies and The Da Vinci Code and Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and Finding Dory (!). it's been some time...

Listening... to a bunch of singers: Ohashi Trio, 旅行团, Arctic Monkeys, Frank Sinatra (??? I can't believe myself too?), gypsy jazz (finally found the name for this genre), 李荣浩, 卢广仲, Mayday, Hello Nico, Muse. anyway, I'm looking for more new musics to listen, tweet me @ruolinglu if you got some!

Reading... If I Stay Where She Went .

Loving... minimalistic, boxy design, like this sofa.

Thinking... back old times. 

*still ugly though


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