Just A Minute In June

Reading… Looking for Alaska (again), Photographically Speaking and Cafe.Waiting.Love.

Listening… from this website, lots of hip hop and R&B, and oh, Ohashi Trio. :P

Watching… Home Alone 1, Rhythm of the Rain, Black
, Taipei Exchanges and Hana Kimi. nostalgic! I remember watching Hana Kimi when I was eleven or so, and this crazy bunch of casts, it felt like I actually spent time with them in real life.

Catching… up with a lot of my old mates. blessed to have these people in my life. :)

Beginning… to reblog on my other inspo-only Tumblr ’cause my friend ask me to do so. haha.

that summarizes June. read books, found good music, went back to Sekinchan (will blog about it soon!), sat for mid-term test and had a good break. now assignments are piling up hurr.