Just A Minute In June

my little yellow fulaower blooming in dad’s garden. this is my second favourite flower. aw, I think I love little flowers more. :)


Reading… A Girl Named Disaster.

Listening… to a bunch of alt rocks again and Waiting for the End by Linkin Park.

Watching… Now You See Me, Into the Wild and Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas. I think everyone should watch Into the Wild at least once.

Loving… neon lights again and vintage diners.

Spending… more time with Baby Nick this month. :)

Starting… to write my diary and the 30 letters tag again. hope I’m persistent enough this time.

Learning, exploring, seeing… a lot a lot. couldn’t ask for more!

here’s something I have to add in ’cause I felt like it’s a fun piece of memory but it’s too random I’ll soon forget it. haha. so there was this time I went out with the bros for movie during the holidays. all four of them were C class and I’m the only girl. well, that doesn’t stop me from fitting in. ’cause four of us were all wearing stripes coincidentally except Bibin. lol. and we saw stripes everywhere, everywhere.