Just A Minute In July

is it just my workplace or what? seems like most of the kitchen equipment uses vintage typography. also, still inspired by the hot summer here! I really wanted to add sun rays but after a couple of hours trying I decided it's too ugly so here's a lazy one. haha.

missing | home. like how familiar each turn and traffic light is. having to figure things out every day is so mentally taxing.

finding | these 90s camcorder zoom-in shots interesting. I'm starting to develop a weird love for them.

watching | movies set in Paris - The Dreamers (again!) and Amelie Poulain. I really want to continue by watching Ratatouille again but I don't have it with me. :(

feeling | a little bit frustrating that I don't really have time for any creative output or experiments. I don't even have time to digest stuff to begin with. information overload. /.\

there's nothing much to update really. working takes up pretty much of my time. otherwise I'm either shopping, sleeping, watching movies or planning for my trip. also, I realize I'm a huge bookworm (or screenworm) 'cause on my off day I can really just stay on my bed reading through my feed the entire day.



Josh Carmody's clamp system turns material samples into tables
John Dykstra's surreal photography without Photoshop

Shanghai 4AM