Just A Minute In July

Just A Minute In July 2017 | A Beautiful Distraction

a J that looks like 7. had this in mind when I was trying out typefaces for the previous post (:O I haven't been posting much here, have I?). apart from that, I haven't given much thought to this. just staring into Illustrator after scrolling through Pinterest... hence, the last minute work. :P

I finally didn't sleep as much as the past few months but I still have no idea what filled my time that it made July pass so fast, so, with me best (lousy) effort, here you go:

watching | Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (I never knew I wanted such a simple KDrama until I've watched this... no crazy actions, no crazy rich, yet still so good), Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and The Prestige

listening | to Arctic Monkeys, who else? okok also, trying to find those Korean Indies that I used to listen everyday last year (damn YouTube, my favourite autoplay playlist is completely gone). and The XX's VCR - such a gem after several months of finding nothing that really satisfies my ears.

missing | high school. and to find exactly what I miss, I've been comparing the past and present for some time now. back then Instagram was in chronological order! and #OOTD, avocado and breakfast-in-bed posts didn't flood our feed.



A 1-Minute Mini Web Game

when Western and Eastern art meets
puppets with unexpected behaviours by Haruki Nakamura
motion type project for Chinese typefaces by Ting An Ho

Détour - a short film by Michel Gondry shot entirely on iPhone
no CGI is used in this music video