Just A Minute In July

Watching... Running Man China (binged it with my sister during the Raya holiday), Scholar Who Walks The Night (let's see how well this goes...) and Doctors (just started so I can catch up with the final ep!)

Feeling... drained. that's why I can't wait for August. reset, reset!

Dreaming... of Hong Kong. check this song out, really captures the night scene there!

Having... lots of flashes of my past dreams. it's like I have a dream bank and I keep retrieving images recently.

Reading... The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. I don't recommend reading this. 

Thinking... 'bout how as you grow older, life gets weirder.


ambiguous cylinder illusion
these clocks
Mt. Fuji merchandise never fail to attract me
Spirited Away cosplay [c]