Just A Minute In July

and then there’s your crappy phone, USB chargers, headphones, multiple hard discs, etc. ==

Planning… to make a list of the gadgets that are with me right now and their respective cables and chargers hmm. just, look at THAT. ↑↑↑

Watching… only one movie, Hercules.

Drinking… mom’s aixin kamquat. :D

Completing… mah assignments. it’s a bit stressful but fun most of the time! will blog about my uni life soon. soon. by soon I mean another month ooops. but still, stay tuned ok!

Getting… to know people whose demons are compatible with mine. /evil laughs and clinks cups/

July passed really fast but slow. did a cover, cooked in Arif’s house, went back to high school for AGM (again, will blog about it soon), slept over at Pearly’s house (for the first time in thirteen years, O.o), caught up with people, ate sushi twice, pizza thrice and mamak thrice (yesh they are so important they deserve to be written down), went to Shah Alam and KL for shooting assignment (YES, I will blog about it soon) and… I think that pretty much sum up my July. :)