Just A Minute In July

Reading… newspapers lol and Precisely Out of Control by Giddens.

Listening… to lots of old songs which I thought are new (o.o) and Madness by Muse. it’s my driving song I have to put it on before I even started the engine. side note: I think Matthew Bellamy’s voice is sexy.

Watching… Rooftop Prince, Rich Man Poor Woman, CZ12 and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Playing… the piano a lot. current fave: Inochi no Namae. omg Joe Hisaishi and Nobuo Uematsu.

Loving… to know new people.

Missing… the good old school times, especially the times when I’m drunk without even drinking. hahaha.

Experimenting… with Photoshop a lot I think someday we’re gonna get married.

for some reasons I don’t even know, I’m broke this month. I can’t remember where I’d spent my money, they just bam!, disappear wth. there’s so many movies in the cinema wanting me to go watch them but all I wanna do is just sit at home and wait for my pocket money. -.- I daren’t even spend much on my food lollol. anyway, I’ve started to hate July since I’m fourteen and now I’m trying to make this feeling go away, shoo. what’s your least favourite month?