Just A Minute In January

not sure what to do, so Pantone Colour of 2018 it is! can't name a colour I like, but the colour I disliked the most is.. somewhere there around purple on the spectrum. but I change my mind. looking forward to all things ultraviolet this year.

dreaming | of a 1970s Parisian apartment, bathed in orange lights, complete with a turntable and good music. oh, and a bathtub! but hopefully it's not filled with stinkin' tobaccos. 

loving | cyberpunk vibes and steampunk... yeah, more cyberpunk.

watching | From 5 To 9 (omg I miss JDrama so much! I know I say this every time I watch one, but I watch them rarely!) and a handful of films - some good, some meh (I will probably not annoy you here with the films I watched anymore since I signed up for Letterboxd, feel free to talk films with me!)

listening | to the music that I would be listening if I'm living in my dream Parisian apartment and Florence + The Machine (thanks, FF!)

reading | Nineteen Eighty-Four, finally!



Why Time Flies

a project that warmed my heart - Japanese Tip
photo collages of Romania's houses
Nihon Noir - Japan in Blade Runner-esque aesthetic
500 Colored Pencils by FELISIMMO
this picturesque photo series of heavy snow in Hokkaido
Omoshiroi Block - reason to finish your notepad

The Last 7 - a short film
Wander with Wonder by Traveloka