Just A Minute In January


wanted to try something like Mondrian but I didn't know where to start... so ended with this thing that looks like some horror film poster slash sushi promotion. haha! but if you observe closely the 1 and the J are the same brushstrokes I only rotated and flipped it haha. 

Listening... to Radiohead's The Bends and Coldplay's Parachutes. Haox is finally back from Taiwan so I'm getting new CDs!

Watching... La La Land, The Stanford Prison Experiment (it's a good watch if you're interested in the theory), The Vow and some short films.

Thinking... 'bout the silly things in primary school. the PA box thing, queuing in class to pay for magazine subscription fees, "you go in" "no, you go in" "you go! this teacher likes you more!"... hahahaha good old times~

Reuniting... with my playlist. LOL. for some reason I couldn't insert any music into my new phone until now... so yes, it's so good to be reminded of all the songs I used to love.

Reading... Haruki Murakami's Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End Of The World. I'm starting to get used to his multi-narration style.

Feeling... like a mess again, going back and forth between two extremes hmm...




> creative health magazine cover
> salaryman blues photo series
> Nippon colours
> it's not an all or nothing game
> social media isn't the reason you feel inadequate
> watch this 30 second PSA on global warming