Just A Minute In January

cant’ pay! one polaroid that’s left out opps I dunno where to categorize this hahaha.


Listening… to Thinking Out Loud, the album Parachutes and Winner’s Empty. it’s actually odd that I can put a Korean song on repeat for the whole day. haha.

Watching… Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. yup, we accidentally skipped the fifth one only to find that out after thirty minutes into the sixth movie. fml.

Reading… Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince and Yes! 50 Scientifically Ways Proven to Be Persuasive (for assignment). no offence but to be frank, the psychology book is way interesting than my lecturer.

Feeling… productive, shockingly. was pondering whether to buy a planner or not and coincidentally found one at home so I decided to use it. turned out using a planner actually help getting one’s shit together. haha.