Just A Minute In February

now it strikes me as funny that I never thought of playing with a white background all these while. I'm not being lazy, okay? I really want to try this very minimalistic style.

watching | Ocean's trilogy a.k.a. Brad Pitt eating constantly (I dunno what to do now until when Ocean's 8 hit the big screens on June maybe I should just plan a heist with Wilson), The End of The F***king World (me within the first minute of the series: holy sh-t what did I sign up for?)

fearing | that I have too much patience. like, you know, even when my favourite artist releases a new song / album, I can wait for a couple of years or so to finally listen to the (old) new release. =.=

feeling | relieved when I see my old, regular stuffs become damaged. sounds mad, I know, but I feel like we're buying too many and changing too fast only to use them rarely in this fast-paced world.

wondering | where's all that sincerity? you can't even say people are insincere anymore because there's no effort to begin with. so, where's the sincerity?

reading | Creep by Jennifer Hillier (it's meh) and The Catcher In The Rye (again! gimme all that angst!)



how this guy (now my favourite guy) made a non-existent restaurant into The #1 TripAdvisor Restaurant
a Birdman-ish Malaysian Short

brainstorming session? no, thanks, man.
beautiful Taiwan from above on Eva Air's Menu
lit faces, not Christmas trees