Just A Minute In February

FAB FEB! special thanks to Ash and Vanessa for helping me with it! I finally have a (vague) idea how AE works, huehue. yellow is such an underappreciated colour, but they're starting to get popular. and dark blue - for the night - because I find myself loving the night more and more recently.

Feeling... nostalgic because of the hot weather. it reminds me of memories that are familiar yet fuzzy. sometimes I'm not sure if I'm reliving my own memories or someone else's.

Watching... Kung Fu Yoga.

Listening... to either Mary See The Future, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Keane, Pixie's Where Is My Mind or Oasis's Wonderwall. 

Craving... for some new music. found one by The Black Skirts but I need more suggestions! I never ask for music suggestions so can you imagine how desperate I am?!

Loving... drum beats and trumpets. 

Having... lots of ideas (I wrote this one week ago. update 23rd Feb 2017: my favourite pen broke!!! no!!! I can't write my ideas down!!!)

Looking... back at the decisions, regardless small or big, that could steer my life into a completely different direction from where I am now.

Wondering... about loneliness and love. I haven't felt lonely for a long, long time. even the fictional characters that I like are mostly always alone (and somehow alienated ._.). I'm perfectly fine with solitude so I don't really get the whole idea about loneliness and love. I can go on and on about this, but nah, another entry maybe.



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