Just A Minute In February

just playing around with shapes and lines in AI, trying to make totems like this blogger/freelance designer did.

wanted to try with colours initially but decided to use black and white in memory of a teacher and an ex-schoolmate who passed recently.

so in February I've been...

Listening... to 李泉 James Lee, 漂着 by 陈绮贞 and Coldplay's X&Y.

Watching... Never Let Me Go, Ruby Sparks (I enjoy this one!) and Dead Man's Chest (where's my thump thump?)

Reading... The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Crazy Photography, and Hiroshige by Adele Schlombs.

Solving... puzzles here.


> now my dream home would not be complete without this bathtub
> say more thank you, less sorry
> how many Hollywood characters can you guess correctly?
> one quirky furniture from this store, please!