Just A Minute In February


话说, 新年之后我度过了人生的撞墙期. 不是低潮期, 因为没有堕落. 只是纯粹的想撞墙. 电脑有些问题, 五天没WhatsApp可以用. 整个生活失序了那样, 不知道要做什么要怎么办只想抓狂.


Loving… Nike products especially their shoes! ♥.♥ and Nike knows I love it too. ads every webpage I viewed. (ok I know how ads work. :P)


Reading… Ousama Game (damn this I don;t think I’ll continue reading the following stories anymore there’s no ending and it scared the shit out of me), Into The Wild, Survivors from Doom, The Fault in Our Stars and 1Q84.

Writing… in Mandarin a lot. the voice in my brain usually speaks Mandarin, but for some reason, maybe not going to school anymore, it changes to English. gotta switch it back.

Solving… Samurai Sudokus and logic puzzles.

Expecting… Gem Tang and Jam Hsiao to compete/duet (although it seems like that’s not going to happen soon) and Lego Movie’s IMDb rating to drop. I have my own opinions about that film, no offence.