Just A Minute In December

just wanted to do something with Ultraviolet (Colour of the Year 20118, anyone?) before the year ends. it’s one colour that I find really difficult to match but this year actually made me like it a little more. bring it on Living Coral!

so… what’s up? some highlights of the month: my favourite jack-of-all-trades blogger replied my message! saw Chapman Toh! watched something sweet—About Time—and something I wouldn’t usually choose—Brawl in Cell Block 99. settled on a new life. truly glad that many of you enjoy reading my story. surprise that I can still yell for the things I care about. that there are still things I care about.

as for lowlight: I couldn’t get my hands on cheap tickets for Honne’s Malaysia show. I’ve never been so unlucky in getting tickets, have always been able to nab early-bird tickets these past five years. yet, I wasn’t even disappointed. I guess I’ve come to the age where I can’t be bothered with these anymore. (screams: OLD!!!)

anyway, this month I’m

struggling… with self-confidence. but don’t worry, I’ve got a better grip of it now!

listening… to jazzy Christmas tunes. I only love the jazzy ones.

watching… Girlboss and now Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series, two Malaysian films, namely Guang (catch it in the cinemas y’al!) and Crossroads: One Two Jaga (now available on Netflix Asia).

feeling… excited that I’m on a life-long journey of learning. (I only realize it now??? XD) one of the things I hate is being stagnant.

trying… to re-wrap my head around the idea of reading. the internet always says that successful people like Bill Gates or Elon Musk read a a lot, between fifty to a few hundred books a year. I can never reach that number and most of my paperbacks are fictional novels. but then after having all sorts of different conversations with all sorts of different people, I realize this and I wanna proudly say… boy, I actually read a lot… online! haha from tech to art to game to business to fashion. and I only wish to continue to be able to do that every day.

Happy New Year in advance, y’all!