Just A Minute In December

Feeling... 1. sick and tired at some point just thinking about the process of making something pretty. the idea itself makes me so so exhausted. I'm old LOL. (don't worry too much I'm ~almost~ back to normal now) and 2. so loved! I guess I finally have time to reflect and let things sink in and it's probably because it's the festive season and everyone's in the mood for catching up. 

Learning... 1. to stay silent in a world full of noise and 2. Spanish! trying out the Duolingo app. (I like how the two things are so different hahahahaha)

Listening... to Mary See The Future (I recommend this, it sounds so Goddamn heartbreaking) and my newly bought Hello Nico CD~ 

Loving... grilles (I never expect that too. XD) and China window~

Watching... Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Kimi No Na Wa (finally in Malaysia!)

Playing... Blendoku 2 (still my favourite even after all these time).

the semester has finally ended and I only have a little more than a week to finish all I have to do to prepare for the new year~ tidy up my bedroom and closet, organize my files, put my photos into place, schedule posts, meeting up with friends and family... so so much to do! yet so little time. :(

there are still a lot of things from this year that I want to share as I'm recently back from Penang and Yunnan. I'm also drafting up a Bangkok guide and digging through old photos. so I hope I can put them all into place in this short period of time. fingers crossed~



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