Just A Minute In August

hello there. just tryna keep this blog alive. :) oh yeah, yeah it still exists I just removed the link from my website and I’ll probably move it into a new home in the near future. then, the blog on my website will still remain but only solely focusing on my work and processes.

so, was supposed to create this LOUD design but 1. I couldn’t settle on the right typeface, and 2. I clicked on the warp tool… so now it’s just this horror + hippie oddball (I mean, tryna imagine some daisies on it, YOU GET WHAT I MEAN?).


reading… reaalllyyy old stuff that I saved from as long as… 2016? I am, after two long months (I mean, considering both months have 31 days, that’s long), still cleaning my shit. yeah, yeah, yeah I know. but mind you, I’m doing a thorough purge from my physical room to the virtual Facebook, so.

watching… Mindhunter. I rewatched the entire Season 1 again and hated myself for binging through it on my first watch. it is so good. but I don’t think most Malaysian viewers will get it. but my god, it is so good. (okay maybe not Season 2) please give it a try (if you’re looking for a different sort of crime series).

feeling… a little… melancholy?

playing… Dropdom on my phone. omg finally a simple game that really challenges me.