Just A Minute In August

had this idea long before August even started and I did the GIF while on the train to work. and because I still sucks in AE, I did it frame by frame on PS. >< anyway, in case you can't see it, (is it really that bad though), it's an A and 8!

watching | a couple of coming-of-age movie. it's only until a reviewer pointed out that I realize that all of them are about boys: Submarine and Me and Earl and The Dying Girl. also, Bad Genius and The Prestige are goooooood. and after watching Lost in Translation, I am all the more tempted to buy a pink wig and ohhh, I miss Tokyo so much!

listening | to stuffs from my YouTube watch history! all those gems I've already forgotten, like this one.

reading | Looking for Alaska by John Green and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

playing | another game about colour and shapes - Colourcube. it was free for a limited time on the App Store and man, this game is a tough one.

I'm picking up my slack since the final sem (woohoo!) is rolling in. finally started to clear out my old photos a couple of days ago. so there'll probably and hopefully more photos coming soon. ciao!



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