Just A Minute In August

August has been a busy month. rushing for assignments’ deadlines and then there’s finals. glad that everything is over now and I finally have some time to organize my life (lol) and of course to blog. I know my previous JAM post is two posts away and the post that separates this JAM and that JAM is a blogfiller post. hahahah shameless blogowner. okay. anyway.

Loving… guitar solos. it’s kinda addictive for me. hah.

Listening… to OneRepublic, Coldplay (just got their new album yay), this Thai song called Not Telling You by Bedroom Audio (addicted to it) and Come Together by Echosmith (yes, that Samsung ad song).

Planning… stuffs to do and shoots during my semester break and all the upcoming blogposts.

Reminiscing… the good times in Taiwan because of the rainy weather.

that should be it. I’m so forgetful gah.