Just A Minute In August

“everyday is day one.”

so I happened to go to Popular 2 weeks ago and I finally found Charles Dicken’s Great Expectation book but it’s in a compilation book with some other stories I’m not interested in and all his other stories have individual books and I actually bought 2 same books from the same publisher at Big Bad Wolf last year and the price is nearly the same so now what do I do, go Popular and grab the compilation one or wait for Big Bad Wolf and see if Im lucky enough to find the individual one?


Reading… Take A Bow. ha! I know I swore not to read anymore this month but ho, cant resist.

Listening… to DT’s latest album. all thanks to one song from Vanessa. also, Studio Ghibli’s 25 Years Concert, Hayao Miyazaki sang one of Totoro’s song. :O

Wondering… the explanations from future archaeologist about the stuffs we use today, especially fashion and tech stuffs. “iPad was used in the 21st century as chopping board, it can glow light so ancient people can chop stuffs on top of it precisely to make their cuisines more yummy.” imagine that.

Running… a lot.

Watching… Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Despicable Me 2, The Pacifier, Big and Bodyguards and Assassins (worth rewatching n times!).

Playing… Plants Vs Zombies 2. I always play some sort of strategy game every time it’s near-exam period.

ah how I wish the two weeks holiday never ends. I’ve been spending so much good time. listening to music almost 24/7, playing the piano everyday, spending more time with Baby Nick, discovering people on the net, starting the day at 12 almost everyday, getting so much sleep. hahaha. ideal life, man this is so close to the ideal life. except the I had to face the reference book like everyday (@@) and I just need one more thing — a house near the beach. :D