Just A Minute In April

huehue. one April I did something “comic book” ish too. I’m loving it all the more after watching Into The Spiderverse and a breakdown of the film’s art. also what with Avengers and The Umbrella Academy, although I’ve never touched any Western comic books, I can’t deny that I like the style.

feeling… in awe of human’s ability / creation. amazing architectures, beautiful music, incredible inventions… (just pushing back the human destruction to the back of my mind.)

listening… to Final Fantasy, The Umbrella Academy and Sing Street’s soundtrack.

watching… Kim’s Convenience, Love, Death & Robots

thinking… “you get better.”

April certainly didn’t happen in a bang like the illustration but it’s quite eventful… relatively. the highlights: attended Distant Worlds and went to Hong Kong! also, I left my job. and that’s it.