Just A Minute In April

it's been an exciting month 'cause I was back to the beach and the open sea (new post soon, stay tuned!) and I was inspired by the colours and forms I saw, especially the gradients. sadly, we can't bring a pen and paper to take note underwater. there's this fish that's ugly among the many colourful fishes. it looks black until it turns its body, there's a hint of midnight blue where the light hits differently. hence, a dark and mysterious one for this month. also, slightly before we wrap up the month, I got to watch OneRepublic's performance in KL, my first time holding rock zone ticket!

thinking | that life is magic. it's just constant black out there. to think that all of this wouldn't happen if we weren't so close to a star... it made me laugh a lot, even when I'm alone, in a good way, not the crazy way. everything starts to seem funny all of a sudden.

watching | Stranger Things. honestly, I wasn't hooked until the second half of episode 3. then, I couldn't stop.

thinking | about human emotions and desires. it's weird ain't it? an infant can already tell what it wants or doesn't want. maybe I should do another undergraduate studies... in psychology.

having | a newfound appreciation towards the mundane, seemingly meaningless routine job that some people have. I think it's pretty amazing to be able to focus and finish something as boring. I know I can't.

listening | to Muse (I've said this before: god, Bellamy's voice) and Mary See The Future (as much as I love them, I don't listen to their songs much because they make me so sad).

feeling | sixteen, seventeen again. I guess it's the weather. (it's always the weather).

reading | The Fallen Angel by David Hewson. it's a bit like The Da Vinci Code, etc. by Dan Brown but this is darker. we'll see how it goes.



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