Just A Minute In April

Listening... to, apart from The Temper Trap and Joanna Wang's Things We Do For Love, mostly sad songs.

Playing... Tetris Battle (thanks Alex again), Fives and this game. I'm always looking for logic/puzzle/number games so recommend me if you got any nice ones.

Missing... people who don't exist anymore.

Connecting... dots again...

Walking... down memory lane.

Eating... lot's of ABCs, cendols and ice-creams because the weather!

Thinking... about art. and soulmates. for two days I was excited about the probability of meeting a soulmate and for the next two days I was worried that my soulmate is a man thirty years older than me with a strict wife. :/

Loving... the in-between phase. it won't last and you know. but still, you hope so.

for the first two weeks April was okay, then the third week was an emotional roller coaster and then I had a lot to deal with but I was happy. or maybe I'm just emotionally unstable.