Just A Minute In April

kitten we saw in Malacca.


Reading… Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. was planning to read the whole series by this month but I'm stuck at book two. I know, I sucks.

Listening… to lots of Coldplay (!), Pompeii by Bastille and man my classmate played it before the lecturer comes everyday so it’s overplayed by now. hur. repeated songs ’cause I'm having SD card problems again crap so I can't get into the search-for-new-music-twenty-four-seven phase.

Watching… The Wind Rises and Lie to Me (still at season one I sucks).

Playing… the guitar more. it’s so convenient compared to the piano la haih.

Driving… everyday to Subang. it’s really tiring and boring, luckily I got RedFM. hah! I laughed so hard at the fake President Obama interview.

Loving… paradoxes.

spent the first week getting my certs certified and sent in scholarship application forms. then all of a sudden, I am a Taylorian. on the second weekend we drove down to Johor for my nephew’s full moon dinner and stopped by Malacca. then because my battery died and Malacca is so good I went back there the next week with le bros and Jye Yu. on weekdays Im basically stuck at school even though sometimes my break is long but duh, who wants to drive back to Kajang and then back to Subang again? also, I can write a book named Thousand Thoughts On The Road. ok eighty percent of it would be me cursing people hahaha. then last Saturday was my grandma’s birthday. so busy I just done filtering Malacca photos. D: how do those bloggers who update daily survive.

anyway, I’m shifting into a rented room near my school next month and I’m going to Japan! woohoo!