Just A Minute In April

updated my photo wall. planning to call it “Wall of Frames”. :P btw, prolly doing a room tour. stay tuned?


Watching… Hungry. ah it’s been quite a while since my last JDrama. watching this drama just makes me hungrier. haha.

Listening… to lots of old songs and The Dark Knight by JJ. love 如果还有明天 the most among all the old songs!

Loving… plain buttoned-down shirts – especially in white and long-sleeved – and chinos.

Downloading… a bunch of new apps. Astrid Tasks, Nike+ Running, Tap the Frog: Doodle, Word Search and KuWo.

Starting… to run. I don’t have any freaking idea why I put 200 kms as my goal. crap.

Learning… to expect less from people, especially from the 90s.

Missing… primary school life. whoah saying this for the first time after graduating. :P

ah, I think that’s all for April. didn’t read anything new because I still can’t decide what to read (ahem) and I’ve been studying (ahem ahem). lots of people on my Instagram feed is reading Haruki Murakami, should I should I? by the way, how’s your April? next month’s gonna be a crazy month, oh well.