Just A Minute In January

meow~ self shoot in my room a few days back. :)

right, anyway. in January, I’ve been

Reading… a lot. trying to finish all the books I have before I start pre-u.

Watching and rewatching… a bunch of movies. this is annoying but I like to name them out. Perks of Being a Wallflower, Silver Linings Playbook, Monsters University, Pitch Perfect, Unbeatable, Angels and Demons, 500 Days of Summer, Up, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mean Girls, Now You See Me. HAHAHA.

Realizing… that there’s more dots surfacing even after I’ve connected most of it. and that most of my conversations with my friends involve the anatomy of music.

Encountering… lots of fictional and non-fictional characters (autobiography) with mental disorders.

Thinking… about the Solar system a lot. and of course, the four seasons. and festivals. and how funny things are when you connect them with the Solar system. I should write a post to show you that.

Trying… to describe myself using fictional characters and movie scenes. I know this is ridiculous. but.

Hoarding… music. er, can you hoard music?

Missing… the biblichory smell in my room now that I shifted most of my paperbacks to the other room. :(