JAPAN: Tokyo, 2014 | Part XI


after shopping in our heaven – Daiso – we left Harajuku for Shibuya. had a drink while people-watching at the Shibuya crossing from Starbucks. then we made a detour to Tokyo Tower before heading to Akihabara for lunch and another round of shopping. omg, electronic paradise. ♥.♥ but too bad ’cause we didnt expect Akihabara to have so many stuffs (didnt do our research thoroughly hmm) we didnt check the prices in Malaysia first. anyway, I got a headphone to replace my malfunction Beats. so yay!


the “oh I'm at a very very busy street” photo. hah.

yeah, no music, no life. turn the question mark into a full stop.

dear Arif, this is for you. ’cause you see, Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku. I know you love 2D girls hahahaha.


sadly, this is gonna be the last photo diary for Tokyo. but. BUT. Im gonna compile the footage into a video and it will probably be up soon. so stay tuned! I’ll also try my best to make a travel guide. :)