MALAYSIA: Ipoh, 2016


less like a travelogue and more like a collection of photos taken during the trip. just finished my finals and back from another trip, and in the two days between this and the previous trip, decided to binge-watch drama instead of looking up at what Ipoh has to offer other than the Tau Fu Fah that I've been dreaming of since we last visited Ipoh in 2012 (ahem, ahem, trips with family = my sister's gonna settle everything - from when to head back to the hotel to checking out the difference in menu, price, ratings & reviews between two dim sum places). on top of that, I've stupidly decided to leave the largest memory card at home. hence the photos. don't expect anything touristy like oh, this place's gonna make my Instagram look good! really, I'm more of a person who'd rather use that limited space for rare moments instead of photos that'll look the same as the other 24, 583 Instagram-celeb-wannabe users'. what's the point?

anyway. stopped first at Bidor to have duck noodles (them) and wonton noodles (me), then a temple after arriving at Ipoh and fed some tortoise, all the while bugging my sister with "why is tortoise pronounced as tor-teese instead of tor-toys", then to Qing Xin Ling and did all the touristy stuff under the scorching. hot. sun. it was fun nonetheless. lunch at the famous coffee shop... wait, nope, not that one, the one next to it, because you need as much luck for empty table in a place with overpriced food after a tourist boom as you do finding real love. walked along Concubine Street which let my family down but not me, thanks to not doing any research or seeing any Facebook photos of it beforehand. it was also pretty late so most stalls were already closed. continued walking hoping that we'll bumped into more murals. dinner at a place with nice food and nice price (no sarcasm) but wait, I gotta ask my sister for the name of the place. at night, we went for a walk at the riverside with ice cream and rented a hoverboard for fun. dim sum the next morning and Concubine Street again (really, it wasn't that bad) and more murals before we finally had my Tau Fu Fah. ok I sound like a grandmother now, so here you go:


jukebox. feeling old for recognizing the artists' names.