PHOTO DIARY: Hands Concert


last 2 weeks I went to a drums concert with the school drummers at KLPAC. woohoo! it’s a nice place.


merchandise they bought. I like the postcards, very cute! oh I bought something too. scroll down!


both Nigel and Jun Wei said this chicken pie is very nice so Jun Wei belanja us. honestly, it’s dang good!


crazy stuff we did on the last train. it’s crazy man. the show ended at 10.30 and we had to take a walk to the station, and we didnt know whether there was still any train. before we reached the station we already heard the train, so we ran like siao man! qi gek but really nice piece of memory.


bought this! took me a long time to decide ok!



ok, we looked dumb. Jun Wei’s idea. but at least I admit! XD hmm, no photography allowed during the show so these are all I have. about the concert, the first piece was nice, the second was… too abstract. :P the only thing I thought about the 2nd piece was “omg Dino has to do this during our next performance wtf.” they split out the jazz drum and attached them on a round thingy? very… creative. lol. please excuse my poor vocab. :P ciao!