PHOTO DIARY: Graduation


look at all these fahiao people saw camera then started posing.


biteeeee Bibin~


supakiut aye?


he's so photogenic he's gonna appear again later.


awww my big bolster look at his face. :P


I'm posting this because... PIZ-ZA!


and this is how I see people everytime I lie down there after activities or during pjk.



I guess this is the reason why Liong runs far far away every time he sees me like I'm a hungry lion wanting to nom him down. hahahaha!


as you can see, pics from graduation and the day before! the funny ones and the ones I like 'cause it'll be 100+ if I upload them all. anyway, graduation wasn't as emotional as I'd thought maybe 'cause I sort of zonked out in the mid of taking photos. sorry sleep deprived and you know how much I need my sleep. Haox and I just sat down and we had no energy to eat at all and we didn't even wanna talk we just wanna stare at something and sleep with our eyes opened. I even had to ask people to sit down beside me when they wanted a photo with me. haha.

I was so tired I couldn't feel anything except the time when I got my file (what do you call that?). nervous when I was in line, starting to smile when I walked to the VIP, and resisting to hold my file up into the air and shout "I finally graduated" after I got it. :) also, the time I hugged Sum and told him thanks for the video and he answered me "I can finally sleep" I lol-ed so hard.

after that I ffk Bibin for lunch 'cause I was thinking of going back home straightaway but I ended up lunching with Yen, Haox and Shaun. instead of those "celebration" sort of lunch we had our normal lunches like we always had. when I was at the verge of sleeping they showed me one photo which made me laughed and laughed and became energetic again and we continued blowing water and didn't wanna leave.

ironically, this is not the best day of my life.

- some images taken by whoever touched my camera -