MISC: Graduation Song Recording BTS Video


please watch in 720p or 1080p

this was supposed to be done after my SPM/earlier this year haha. blogged about this with still images last year but I found these footage while I was doing a huge spring cleaning for my desktop/laptop/hard discs the past few days and I was like “ohhhh sorry my dear I totally forgot about you”. plus now I finally got a decent video editing software and time, so why not?

anyway, this is more like a gift for Pink Grenade, all those memories, ah! kinda looking forward to our next performance. and probably doing a piano version of grad song. :D

p.s. 虽然不能永远聚在一起, 但是至少现在你要开心, 这是我们定下的约定. =)

’13 graduation song video post // download track