PHOTO DIARY: Folknery @ 12 Cafe

"would you prefer this kinda life? cycling..."
"I don't think it's bad but I don't want to have any buttaches."
"buttaches, seriously? I thought you should be worrying about your meals and accommodation first?"


seriously, that's the conversation between Ahleebaba - the boss of this cafe - and I. obviously I'm the one worrying about my butt.

rewind to two nights ago when I went to film this Ukranian couple of a band called Folknery performing folk music at 12 Cafe. cool and friendly people who 1. lent me their equipment and 2. before I left, gifted me this print. also met a bunch of awesome staff although all I can do was to not get in their way serving customers. haha. all in all, a night with 1. cool air and good weather, 2. nice people and 3. music I would normally not listen to. but it was a great night. thanks for having me there!