PHOTO DIARY: Cooking Session '14

I know the photos look identical but because they are pizzas, I mean pizzas, they deserve three photos. :P

look at that mashed potatoooeeees behind. :D

last year we went to Arif house for a cooking session for bukak puasa (it’s actually just an excuse bleh) so this year we went to his house for a cooking session for bukak puasa again, except this time for real yo. went to Jusco for grocery shopping without any ideas what we’re gonna cook, ’cause taddaa, impromptu. seeing that we dont really know to cook anything that’s not instant (okay okay, just me, Im a fail housewife nyahh) and that we dont wanna cook spaghetti again (tried that last year!) and because we were standing at the pizza dough section of the cold storage area and Arif was talking about how he made pizza, we ended up running around the place taking cheese, lots of cheese, tomato sauce, sausage and add-on potato and instant gravy. and LET THE COOKING BEGIN! the best thing about homemade pizza? YOU CAN PUT ANYTHING YOU WANT, AND HOWEVER MUCH YOU WANT. so yea, the dinner was satisfying with lotsa cheese, lotsa potatoes, lotsa pineapples (!) and lotsa laughters. all in all, good food, good company. :) only missing Onn and Ali out. too bad. :( made me remember last year when we ran upstairs and hid in Arif’s closet waiting for him to come up and find nobody in his room but in the end we got tired of waiting and we were suffocating so we came out instead hahaha #fail.

anyway, making a vlog for this but not sure when it’s gonna be done ’cause got caught up with assignments and finals. :( but soon, ’cause that means sem break is just round the corner!