stuffing food into my mouth while waiting for them to cook stuff for me. privilege of being a female. :P


I remember they were fighting for spots during this. haha.


ahh Alan Chan’s ham is the most delicious.


failed surprise for Bibin. he found us in the kitchen and Dino punched him few times and he came out like nothing happen and Dino looked sozai in this pic. :P


he never laughed till so happy in front of cam de lor.

the pictures above say it all. I went to barbacue + visiting + birthday 2 weeks back at Xi Yu’s house. more like a bro’s meeting sort ’cause there were only 3 girls. oh well. Dino tried to explain Fast 5 to us but we gave up after watching like 10 mins. ha. le bros taught me how to play killer. not bad. fun night. :D