PHOTO DIARY: Chasing Night


an ode to my internship days...

passed by this area almost everyday during my internship period. one night we ate at Buns and it's only up close that I realized the walls are tiled. another time I was stuck in the traffic jam and contemplated how this area looked so 90s Hong Kong so I swooped a photo of the Subway signage.

so I asked Ash if he wanted to do a photo-walk around. since I haven't touched my camera for a long while anyway.


lonely fish tank and not-so-lonely fishes. spot moi from the reflection!


"cut it into 8 pieces."
"8? I thought we agreed on 20?"
"since when did I say 20?"
"20. 20 takes a shorter time to boil. and oh, remember to remove his wedding ring before you dump the parts into the pot."


it was drizzling before we head out. bonus~


the funny thing about this set of photos is... I had a totally different idea when I shot it. but when I edited them, I decided to go for the "Blade-Runner-esque" direction that's trending now. (see Liam Wong's and Marilyn Mugot's work.) didn't go all in though because I don't think they're exactly suitable. another night adventure perhaps?


anyway, also realized that I haven't played with angles for agesss. feel rusted because I spend most of my effort in editing. XD it's time to brush up my skill (and eye O.o).

till the next adventure~!

(no, don't get me wrong. I will still be posting, but I'm itching for some adventures as well. XD)